Stein Club



You may have seen a wall of wrought-iron cages flanking an ornate brass sink at the front of our Bierhall. This is where our regular Guests keep their treasured Bier Steins under lock and key.  A Stein Club is a traditional feature in many Bierhalls throughout Bavaria.  Our lockers are patterned after those found in a Bierhall in the village of Aying (pronounced “eyeing”), about ten miles outside of Munich.

In a Bavarian Bierhall and in many other German restaurants, there is one large table, called the “Stammtisch,” that is always reserved for the locale’s regular customers. We wanted to recreate this atmosphere where our regulars always feel at home, so we created the Stein Club. All members receive a locker in which to store their stein and have the option to purchase a custom stein or bring one they already have. The design of the lockers is deliberately open so that our Stein Club members can show off their customized or decorated steins! Every Tuesday, Stein Club members gather and enjoy half priced Liters of Bier in their designated stein.

Members also receive 15% off food and Bier every day.  (Sorry, state law doesn't allow us to discount wine and liquor.)  We also do special events for Stein Club members, including kitchen tours, contests, and an annual party. And when we have special events and offerings, our Stein Club members are always the first to know.  The cost is $100 the first year and $65 thereafter.  It doesn't take long to earn back your purchase price.

So if live music, fun friends, and great food and drink specials are your thing, we’d love to welcome you into our Stein Club family! For more information on how to become a Stein Club member, please send an email:

p.s. Stein Club memberships make a great gift.

*If you bring your own decorative one-liter German stein, the first year price is the same as the renewal price of $65.

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